Melanie Horn

An educator by trade and a life-long photographer, Melanie's journey to becoming a pet photographer has been inspired by her love of her four-legged best friends -- Ally, Kinsey, Eowyn and Maverick. Her passion for photographing dogs in action is related to her involvement in athletics and her love to capture the art of movement.

Melanie believes that there's something that touches one's soul when in an instant an animal's expression communicates to us. She's found through the medium of photography that dogs express so many emotions we may not ordinarly take time to see.

Melanie enjoys photographing in natural light settings, but is also well versed in studio lighting. She enjoys shooting "on location" at a dog park or dog beach or in her home studio.

Melanie Is available to photograph your pet in the greater Los Angeles area.


"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

Anatole France